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How to Battle Discontentment

February 20, 2017

As I think about God’s goodness over the past two years, I am overwhelmed by it all. I moved to Denver almost exactly two years ago and as I see where life has taken me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m blessed with jobs that challenge and grow me, churches that are like family, and a constantly growing community of people. The truth is, I almost missed out on it all. I almost gave up because life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to, but things began to change when I began putting my trust in Him.

What I have found is God meets you where you are and then He asks you to take a step forward. If you choose to follow Him down the path He has laid out for you, life will be better. Now when I say this, it does not mean you will have all that you wish for and you will be happy with material things or relationships. I’m talking about life being better through contentment. Your situation may or may not change, but you will be happy with what you have. The path to contentment is total surrender to God. What an awesome and challenging place total surrender can be, however, it isn’t easy.

It hurts.

It breaks down expectations.

It eradicates disappointment.

It makes fears/ worries/anxieties disappear.

Notice that at the beginning of the list it starts with pain. It starts with us dying to ourselves and choosing to give up what we want for what God wants. Then God begins to break down those walls of expectations we have built up. He begins to chip away at what we think we want for ourselves and begins building up a life that better fits us. Once expectations are broken down, we have nothing to be disappointed about when things don’t go our way. Then finally, when we give it all over to God, we live without fears, worries, or any anxieties that seem to plague our daily lives.

That’s what Jesus wants for us. He wants us to live in total trust and faith because He knows that it’s better for us. It’s a daily surrender that involves frequent conversations with God, asking for guidance, and giving over hopes to Him. If you truly seek out His will, He won’t bless you within your expectations. He will bless you out of His plan for you when you seek it. That’s how you find actual contentment.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. ~ 1 Peter 5:7

That’s where contentment is. It’s where you don’t compare, covet, or become jealous of others. We become messy when we want what others have. God wants us pure and holy like Him. Yes, it can be hard not having the relationship, job, or home you want. We’re humans and we want to skip a step or two to get to the “good part.”

God confronts that in me by having me look at the bigger picture. What do I have that I didn’t have two years ago? Who do I get to impact? How have the blessings grown since I first surrendered? So much has happened. To look over all He has done and say there hasn’t been any change is crazy. God is moving and He works in the every day. He brings about changes I may not even notice.

I want to challenge anyone who finds themselves feeling discontent. Turn over one hope/desire/expectation to your Father at a time. Whatever it may be, give up the things that make you feel uneasy to Him. Tell Him that you no longer want to have control over the things you actually have no control over and see how much different life will be for you. God wants your problems. Let Him be at the center of your life and see where He takes you.

What about you? Have you found yourself discontent?

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