Living Set Apart

January 31, 2018



We’ve all had the dream right? We strive for marriage and to be godly women. We find our husbands during college and get married after we graduate. We have the dream home and family. Life is perfect.


What about when that doesn’t happen? It hurts when our timeline doesn’t reflect those things, when we see it happen for our friends and peers, and we feel like God has forgotten about us. This devotional isn’t about marriage, preparing for marriage, or what to do to find a husband. There are plenty of blogs and books regarding those subjects. This is about singleness and everything that a Christian woman in this season experiences.


In this blog series, I am going to address the misconceptions, frustrations, and feelings that come with singleness. I am also going to talk about what it means to be set apart for God in this season. For some this season may be short and for others it may be longer. I want to challenge the attitude many have towards singleness because singleness is not a prison or a waiting room. I want to encourage you to embrace the life you have and thrive.


For the next 31 weeks, I pray that God will reveal to you His purpose and will provide peace to your heart.

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