To the Times I Feel Like Giving Up

August 21, 2017

Do you have a green thumb? I sure as heck don’t. Most of the time, I somehow manage to kill half of the plants in my house. I usually feel like I have it figured out when they’re thriving, then all of a sudden, one starts to shrivel up. About a month ago, I looked at one of my very sad looking succulents. I noticed rot that had developed in the center of the stem that was covered by the large leaves that I didn’t notice a few days before. I was pretty frustrated with myself for managing to kill yet another plant and kicking myself for not noticing it sooner.

However, this failure didn’t leave me wanting to quit. I wanted to keep going and I started to do something that I should have done in the first place, learn. I began looking up ways to grow new plants from the ones I already had. I asked my stepmom (who is a master at gardening) questions I had. With patience, discipline, and trial and error, I have found that my plants are making better progress. I also found that some plants are coming back without me doing anything.

My relationship with God and His grace is much like the plants that I encounter. I need to be aware, cultivate, and do what I can to keep my relationship with the Lord healthy and growing. However, there are times I feel like a failure and that I should give up on myself and God has to step in to show me that He can still work with me.

Sometimes God will need to do some painful pruning because it’s to benefit my growth. Thankfully, God is the master gardener and can revive literally any plant or any person out there. Knowing that I’m not a lost cause allows me grow in His grace and become more like Him. I’m glad I’m not the gardener of my life because I would have been dead a long time ago. God works and nurtures to restore and I need to be willing to experience His grace and be willing to keep going even when I feel like quitting.


What about you? Do you find yourself needing to grow in His grace?




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